Book a backwoods sauna experience!  Now accepting reservations.

Our wood-fired sauna is built in a beautiful, old-growth hemlock grove, a remote setting in the woods where you can enjoy privacy and nature.  The experience will be sure to rejuvinate you.  The sauna is inspired by a Russian three-chamber design – A hangout area, bathing area with floor drain and the cedar-paneled hot room.  This is a wet sauna where rocks are heated and you have the option to create hot steam to your liking.  When you book a sauna, we will pre-fire the woodstove for you so when you show up all you need to do is relax and enjoy.  Booking also includes freshly laundered towels, bottled water and a snack basket.  We have a guidebook on hand at the sauna so even if it is your first time having a sauna experience you can learn all about it and feel relaxed.

Email us at [email protected] for pricing and to request a booking. 

The sauna is a septagon, i.e. 7 sided

Built on a giant boulder, the sauna welcomes all

Backwoods location is peaceful, remote and private

View from the bathing area

Lantern’s light the night way to the sauna

You can create as much or as little hot steam as you like

Temperature is regulated by the strength of the fire

The all-cedar hot room seats up to four people

Come on in and unwind